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Our History

 We are a family owned company with the courage of "David". Come grow with us, we are an ordinary, yet experienced and family-focused cleaning company that specializes in everything from apartment cleaning to holiday cleanup to one time cleans, to landscape cleanup and more.

Our Founder's Message

“I am accepting the twists and turns on my journey. I know that detours can lead to beautiful places and that delays can be in my best interest. Sometimes I might limit what I believe is possible for me, but I am grateful for the twists that guided me to more than I could have imagined for myself. Every turn taught me that I am deserving of all good things. ‘Commanding Life’”


Who We Are

We are a cleaning company dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services at budget-friendly rates. Whether you need us to clean your home or office space, you can always expect great results. We serve residential and commercial clients in Savannah and surrounding areas. We are also available outside usual operating hours per request of our clients.  


 Just Dust Cleaning was created by a Mother, Wife, Sister, and Friend that became fed

up with working a job that could change her plans, her schedule, and her workload with little to

no notice. All while those in control of her life, their lives remain unchanged: take lunch breaks, weekends off, holidays off, call the shots, yet do not perform the real work.

 In the midst of her being fed up, she read

‘Pursue Your Passion, Not Your Dreams’. What is it she loves? She loves a clean house, clean

space, planning, and research. That being said, JUST DUST CLEANING is here to make your space clean,

rather it be during your break, a weekend or holiday. We will change with you and for you.

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